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I have been using Filorga OPTIM-EYES Eye Contour for 2 weeks and it has been amazing. It has a very smooth and light texture that absorbs into my skin almost immediately. Overall the results were fantastic with reduced fine lines and puffiness. I definitely would continue using this product in my daily skin/eye routine.

Love the easy application of this product. For me, an eye cream has to be easy to apply and be absorbed quickly into the skin. This product nails it on both counts.

It actually makes your skin brighter. I tried the mask and was surprised that in 15 minutes my skin felt brighter and fresher! Definitely purchasing this again.

I loved this Meso Mask as it was very nice and light on the skin. I have sensitive skin so it was very hydrating and smoothing for me.

One of the best anti-ageing products I have ever used. Will definitely buy it.

I have to admit, I am always skeptical about anti-wrinkle creams… but I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I felt that after around 14 days I could see some change to the fine lines around my eyes. I will continue to use this as I can see some difference 🙂 That makes this product so worth it !!

I've been with Cosmax for 1 year and 7 months as counter manager. My strength/expertise is forward planning, strategic thinking and interpersonal skills. Cosmax have so many values within the company such as respect, fairness, trust, integrity, communication and transparency. Working for Cosmax have taught me to prepare the business and demonstrate my task in the best way possible and follow up with certain elements we need to improve as an individual and team.

I've been with Cosmax for almost 2 years. It's a privilege to work in a prestige company that supports and recognises your hard work. We have a variety of Fragrances, Make up and Skincare  products. The company invests in their employees. They provide training and onsite supervision.

COSMAX are Brand Builders and know Beauty. They stick to their commitments, have high Customer Service levels and strong Retail Partnerships.

Guerlain has developed a strong and long-lasting partnership with Cosmax to develop the brand in ANZ over the years. The combination of their dedicated teams, knowledge of the Perfume & Cosmetics market, and good relationships with key retail partners have been instrumental in growing the brand with the right distribution and being relevant to local customers.