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Who we are

For three decades, Cosmax has earned a global reputation for understanding and growing successful fragrance and cosmetic brands, by using highly targeted marketing and selective retail space throughout the Australian domestic and travel retail markets

Cosmax is independently owned, which means that we’re not reliant upon the financial involvement of any brand.

So, each brand and product we represent is marketed and promoted completely without bias, on its own merits.
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Brand Partners

Over 3 decades we have been working collaboratively with beauty brands to enable them to achieve strong brand presence and share of market within Australia and New Zealand.


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We continue to gain robust insights about the Australian beauty landscape, established business relationships and successful proven strategies. Subsequently, the value we offer our clients is unsurpassed.

Learn about our proven methodology for every one of the brands and products we represent, individually nurtured and grown by our team of experts.

Retail Partnerships

Working together with Australia and New Zealand leading beauty retailers, we have developed and maintained a reliable, trustworthy and consistent working ethics with our retail partners.
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